Peel Owner's Club

Owners of the P.50, Trident, Viking and P1000

Our club was formed to bring together owners and enthusiasts of the Peel mark. It is open to genuine Peel owners and true replicas of the mark.

Peels were made in the Isle of Man by Peel Engineering owned by their designer Cyril Cannell

To learn more about the history of Peel Engineering a good reference book is P50 Peel Engineering's Extraordinary Legacy by Barry Edwards.
Click here for a link to Amazon.

Peel Engineering produced several designs of cars including the P.50, Trident, Mini based Viking and the P1000.  They also produced motorcycle fairings, boats and later mini fibreglass bodies.

The P.50's claim to fame was when it was featured on Top Gear as the smallest production car in the world. Click here for a link to a clip from the episode on YouTube.

While the P.50 was the smallest production car in the world it was made up of hundreds of parts. Parts that can now be almost impossible to find. 

The P.50 and Trident were powered by a 50cc fan cooled DKW moped engine. The set up shows the starting handle that protruded into the cabin.

Contact Information

The club contact is Malcolm Dudley and can be found at
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